Xpeng X2 Flying Car that is like a giant drone


Kabar Medsos – Chinese manufacturer Xpeng Motors has shared footage of the first test flight of a new flying car developed by its Huitian division. Along with traditional EV cars like the P7 sedan and G3 SUV, Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng Motors (NYSE: XPEV) invests heavily on flying cars through its Huitian division. The company’s latest flying vehicle, the X2, has been recently revealed by Xpeng’s CEO He Xiaopeng on Weibo, who also shared a 1.5-minute video of the flying car in action. The X2, which resembles a large quadcopter,…


Ocean Victory Debuts in Alaska this Year

Kabar Medsos – American Queen Steamboat Co. (AQSC), best known for its traditional paddlewheelers that ply the Mississippi, will make its debut in Alaska this year with the launch of sister company Victory Cruises’ first expedition ship, the Ocean Victory. The observation lounge is among the many venues aboard the Ocean Victory. One of the two restaurants aboard the Ocean Victory. The 93-suite newbuild is the first of two planned by AQSC’s Victory Cruises, and the cruise will mark the first expansion for American Queen and Victory beyond the lower…


Gold vs Bitcoin: What is the best hedge against inflation?

Gold, Bitcoin, Altcoin

Kabar Medsos – Gold has traditionally been considered a safe haven. Once upon a time, it was used to back almost all currency around the globe. While it does not do that, it is still extensively used by investors who want to hedge against inflation. However, there is a new investment class that claims to do the exact same thing. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin was specifically built to not crackdown under the pressures of the bull/bear market cycles. Like gold, it has a limited supply. However, the two could not…