Blood moon features the moon in parts of America, Europe and Africa

Blue Moon Nasa

Kabar Medsos – A lunar eclipse early Monday produced a “blood moon,” which occurs when the sun, Earth and moon align, and the moon passes through the darkest part of Earth’s shadow. The event was best seen in the eastern U.S., South America, Africa and Western Europe. Totality, or the moment when the moon was fully obscured, occurred around midnight. The red hue appears because the only sunlight reaching the moon passes through Earth’s atmosphere, according to NASA. “The more dust or clouds in Earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse, the…


Japan celebrates cherry blossoms after Covid restrictions are lifted

cherry blossom japan

Kabar Medsos – People across Japan are celebrating the peak cherry blossom viewing season this week without Covid-19 restrictions in place for the first time in two years. But many are limiting their viewing to strolling under the trees rather than drinking and eating in traditional party style. Trees are in full bloom this week in many parts of Japan. They peaked in Tokyo on Sunday, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, attracting many people who had avoided participating in the national tradition for two years because of the pandemic.…


Sri Lanka showcases giant natural blue sapphires

sri lanka sapphire

Kabar Medsos – Sri Lanka authorities on Sunday put on show what they said was the world’s largest natural corundum blue sapphire, weighing 310 kilograms (683 pounds), which was found in a gem pit about three months ago. Local gemologists, who have examined the sapphire, said it was one of the rarest gems in the world as it weighed more than 300 kilograms (661 pounds). International organizations are yet to certify the precious stone. The sapphire was put on display at the home of one of the gem pit owners…


Huge planet 10 times bigger than Jupiter found orbiting a pair of giant stars

eso planet

“Until now, no planets had been spotted around a star more than three times as massive as the Sun,” wrote the European Southern Observatory. Kabar Medsos – Scientists have discovered a giant planet orbiting a massive pair of extremely hot stars, an environment previously thought too inhospitable for a planet to form in. A research article published Wednesday in the science journal Nature said the discovery of the planet, named “b Centauri (AB)b” or “b Centauri b,” disproves a widely held belief among astronomers. “Until now, no planets had been…


Egypt reopens 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes in grand, Luxor ceremony

Egypt celebrates reopening

The ancient road, once named the “Path of God,” was covered under sand for centuries and took decades to excavate and restore. Jakarta, Kabar Medsos – While Americans feasted their eyes on a full-blown Thanksgiving Day parade after a two-year Covid absence, nearly 6,000 miles away Egypt revived a very different cultural tradition that has not been seen for several thousand years. The country opened the 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes to the public Thursday in an extravagant ceremony in the southern city of Luxor that follows decades of excavation efforts.…


Russia confirms anti-satellite missile test, dismisses US concerns

russia space mb

The United States branded the Russian test “dangerous and irresponsible,” but Moscow dismissed the suggestion.   Kabar Medsos – Russia confirmed Tuesday that it conducted a missile test targeting an old space satellite, but rejected accusations from the United States and allies that it risked endangering astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Moscow’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it had “successfully conducted a test” targeting a now-defunct Russian satellite that had been in orbit since 1982. The United States branded the test “dangerous and irresponsible,” but Russia…


NASA won’t be sending astronauts to the moon

nasa artemis jm

In addition to budget issues, officials said technology for new spacesuits also needs to ramp up, before astronauts can return to the moon. Kabar Medsos – NASA on Tuesday delayed putting astronauts back on the moon until 2025 at the earliest, missing the deadline set by the Trump administration. The space agency had been aiming for 2024 for the first moon landing by astronauts in a half-century. In announcing the delay, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said Congress did not provide enough money to develop a landing system for its Artemis…


Desain Istana Negara di Ibu Kota Baru dikritik 5 Asosiai

Jakarta, Kabar Medsos – Desain istana negara untuk proyek Ibu Kota Negara (IKN) viral di media sosial beberapa hari terakhir. Hal tersebut menjadi viral setelah beredar gambar tangkapan layar (ScreenShot) dari video pendek yang diantaranya memperlihatkan desain istana negara dengan desain burung Garuda. Ada lima kelompok asosiasi profesi yang menyampaikan kritik atas desain itu. Kelima asosiasi itu yaitu Asosiasi Profesi Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI), Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), Ikatan Ahli Rancang Kota Indonesia (IARKI), Ikatan Arsitek Lanskap Indonesia (IALI), dan Ikatan Ahli Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota (IAP). “Atas publikasi…


Pernikahan Atta Halilintar dan Aurel Hermansyah dihadiri Presiden Jokowi

Jakarta, Kabar Medsos – Atta Halilintar dan Aurel Hermansyah telah sah menjadi pasangan suami istri. Keduanya telah menggelar akad nikah dan syukuran di Hotel Raffles Kuningan, Jakarta, Sabtu 3 April 2021. Prosesi rangkaian pernikahan pernikahan Atta Aurel dapat disaksikan di televisi yang disiarkan langsung oleh RCTI. Acara syukuran atau resepsi juga turut disiarkan langsung oleh MNCTV. Momen akad nikah Atta dan Aurel tersebut begitu spesial, karena dihadiri oleh orang nomor satu di Indonesia yaitu Presiden Joko Widodo dan Menhan Prabowo Subianto, serta hadir pula Ketua DPR Bambang Soesatyo. Banyak hal…


Duel Catur Irene Sukandar vs GothamChess

Kabar Medsos – Dunia catur akan kembali diramaikan dengan digelarnya duel catur Irene Kharisma Sukandar vs GothamChess alias Levy Rozman yang akan disiarkan secara live streaming, Rabu 31 Maret 2021 pukul 22.00 WIB . Pertandingan tersebut akan dilakukan dengan metode catur cepat atau blitz chess Pertandingan Irene vs GothamChess merupakan lanjutan dari drama catur online Dewa Kipas alias Dadang Subur. Kedua pecatur dengan gelar Internasional Master itu sebelumnya terlibat dalam polemik Dewa Kipas. GothamChess menuding Dewa Kipas melakukan kecurangan saat mengalahkannya dalam pertandingan catur online di Dari tudingan GothamChess…