Gold vs Bitcoin: What is the best hedge against inflation?

Gold, Bitcoin, Altcoin

Kabar Medsos – Gold has traditionally been considered a safe haven. Once upon a time, it was used to back almost all currency around the globe. While it does not do that, it is still extensively used by investors who want to hedge against inflation. However, there is a new investment class that claims to do the exact same thing. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin was specifically built to not crackdown under the pressures of the bull/bear market cycles. Like gold, it has a limited supply. However, the two could not…


Harga Emas Antam Hari ini 10 Nov Merosot ke Rp972 Ribu

Jakarta, Kabar Medsos – Harga jual emas PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk atau Antam berada di posisi Rp972 ribu per gram pada Selasa (10/11/20). Harga emas antam tercatat turun Rp34 ribu dibandingkan perdagangan sebelumnya. Seperti halnya dengan harga pembelian kembali (buyback) turun Rp42 ribu per gram dari Rp899 ribu menjadi Rp857 ribu per gram pada selasa ini. Berdasarkan data Antam, harga jual emas yang berukuran 0,5 gram senilai Rp536 ribu, 2 gram Rp1,8 juta, 3 gram Rp2,8 juta, 5 gram Rp4,6 juta, 10 gram Rp9,2 juta, 25 gram Rp22,91 juta,…