US judge rejects Prince Andrew’s offer to dismiss sexual harassment lawsuit

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A district judge in Manhattan ruled it was premature to consider the British royal’s efforts to cast doubt on Virginia Giuffre’s accusations, though he can do so at a trial.

Kabar Medsos – A judge in the United States on Wednesday rejected Prince Andrew’s bid to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought by a woman who alleged that he sexually abused her when she was 17 years old.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan for the Southern District of New York ruled that it was premature to consider the prince’s efforts to cast doubt on Virginia Giuffre’s accusations, though he would be allowed to do so at a trial.

Andrew’s lawyers tried earlier this month to block the lawsuit brought by Giuffre, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s most prominent accusers, and released details of a legal settlement in which she took $500,000 from Epstein not to bring further legal action.

Prior to this effort, Andrew’s lawyers sought to block the lawsuit on the grounds that his accuser no longer lived in the United States. That effort was also rejected by a federal judge.

NBC News has reached out to a representative for Andrew for comment. Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the decision.

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David Boies, one of Giuffre’s lawyers, applauded the judge’s decision.

“Ms. Giuffre is, of course, pleased that Prince Andrew’s motion to avoid a trial has been denied, and that the evidence will now be taken concerning her claims,” Boies said. “She looks forward to a judicial determination of the merits of those claims.”

Sarah Krissoff, a former federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York who has led investigations in sex trafficking and crimes against children, said Prince Andrew might want to consider reaching a settlement with Giuffre.

“Given Judge Kaplan’s denial of the motion to dismiss and with case now moving into the discovery phase, it would be prudent for Prince Andrew’s team to reconsider and explore the possibility of a settlement,” Krissoff said in an email to NBC News. “Otherwise, this case is most likely heading towards a very public trial. It is unlikely that Prince Andrew wants that to happen.”

Giuffre, now living in Australia, accuses Epstein and his recently convicted confidant, the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, of forcing her in the 1990s to have sex with Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II’s son — an allegation the prince has repeatedly denied.

In a 2019 interview with the BBC, Andrew, the Duke of York, said he has “no recollection” of ever having met Giuffre. He also suggested that a photograph of them together with Maxwell could have been doctored.

The suit alleges that Andrew abused her at three locations — in London and New York and at Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, when she was under age 18. It mirrors claims that Giuffre, now 38, has previously detailed to NBC’s “Dateline.”

Hakim AS Tolak Tawaran Pangeran Andrew untuk Menolak Gugatan Pelecehan Seksual

Seorang hakim distrik di Manhattan memutuskan bahwa terlalu dini untuk mempertimbangkan upaya kerajaan Inggris untuk meragukan tuduhan Virginia Giuffre, meskipun dia dapat melakukannya di persidangan.

Kabar Medsos – Seorang hakim di Amerika Serikat pada Rabu menolak tawaran Pangeran Andrew untuk menolak gugatan federal yang diajukan oleh seorang wanita yang menuduh bahwa dia melakukan pelecehan seksual padanya ketika dia berusia 17 tahun.

Hakim Distrik AS Lewis Kaplan untuk Distrik Selatan New York memutuskan bahwa terlalu dini untuk mempertimbangkan upaya sang pangeran untuk meragukan tuduhan Virginia Giuffre, meskipun ia akan diizinkan melakukannya di persidangan.

Pengacara Andrew mencoba awal bulan ini untuk memblokir gugatan yang diajukan oleh Giuffre, salah satu penuduh Jeffrey Epstein yang paling menonjol, dan merilis rincian penyelesaian hukum di mana dia mengambil $ 500.000 dari Epstein untuk tidak membawa tindakan hukum lebih lanjut.

Sebelum upaya ini, pengacara Andrew berusaha untuk memblokir gugatan dengan alasan bahwa penuduhnya tidak lagi tinggal di Amerika Serikat. Upaya itu juga ditolak oleh hakim federal.

NBC News telah menghubungi perwakilan Andrew untuk memberikan komentar. Istana Buckingham menolak mengomentari keputusan tersebut.

virginia giuffreDavid Boies, salah satu pengacara Giuffre, memuji keputusan hakim.

“Ms. Giuffre, tentu saja, senang bahwa mosi Pangeran Andrew untuk menghindari persidangan telah ditolak, dan bahwa bukti sekarang akan diambil terkait klaimnya,” kata Boies. “Dia menantikan keputusan yudisial tentang manfaat klaim itu.”

Sarah Krissoff, mantan jaksa federal di Distrik Selatan New York yang memimpin penyelidikan dalam perdagangan seks dan kejahatan terhadap anak-anak, mengatakan Pangeran Andrew mungkin ingin mempertimbangkan untuk mencapai penyelesaian dengan Giuffre.

“Mengingat penolakan Hakim Kaplan atas mosi untuk memberhentikan dan dengan kasus sekarang bergerak ke fase penemuan, akan lebih bijaksana bagi tim Pangeran Andrew untuk mempertimbangkan kembali dan mengeksplorasi kemungkinan penyelesaian,” kata Krissoff dalam email ke NBC News. “Jika tidak, kasus ini kemungkinan besar akan menuju pengadilan yang sangat terbuka. Pangeran Andrew tidak mungkin menginginkan hal itu terjadi.”

Giuffre, yang sekarang tinggal di Australia, menuduh Epstein dan orang kepercayaannya yang baru saja dihukum, sosialita Inggris Ghislaine Maxwell, memaksanya pada 1990-an untuk berhubungan seks dengan Andrew, putra Ratu Elizabeth II — tuduhan yang berulang kali dibantah sang pangeran.

Dalam wawancara tahun 2019 dengan BBC, Andrew, Duke of York, mengatakan dia “tidak ingat” pernah bertemu Giuffre. Dia juga menyarankan bahwa foto mereka bersama Maxwell bisa saja dipalsukan.

Gugatan itu menuduh bahwa Andrew melecehkannya di tiga lokasi – di London dan New York dan di pulau pribadi Epstein di Kepulauan Virgin AS, ketika dia berusia di bawah 18 tahun. Ini mencerminkan klaim bahwa Giuffre, sekarang 38, sebelumnya telah merinci ke “Dateline” NBC .”

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